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What makes Democrats despicable, in my opinion, is that identification is critical for living a full  life in this country.  Just about anything worth doing requires a photo ID to do it.  You want to fly somewhere?  ID please.  Take a train?  ID please.   Start a bank account?  Your ID sir.  Apply for a job?  ID required.  Buy alcohol?  ID.  Buy cigarettes?  ID.  Enter most federal buildings including the very Justice Department Eric Holder runs?  ID is required.  Attend the Democrat National Convention to hear President Barack Obama speak.  May I please see some identification.  I could go on and mention all the freedoms and opportunities in this country you are denied if you don’t have identification.   Since most of the people who don’t have ID cards are the most disadvantaged among us, you’d think that the party of compassion would be promoting a policy to ensure nationwide access to free Identification Cards.  After all, this is the same political party that is willing to trample all over the First Amendment in order to guarantee free “access” to birth control for every woman in America.

Now that’s an idea that would really help people out: guaranteed free access to identification.  All Democrats would have to do is to call these evil, vote supressing Republicans bluff.  Strike a compromise with them.  I know that is a dirty word in today’s politics, but it wold be for a good cause.  Democrats should say:  So, you want people to show ID?  Fine.  We’ll agree as long as you provide a mobile ID unit that will go to those who can’t get out of the house and process their paperwork for them.  We’ll agree to the law as long as the ID is free and that Hospitals will be reimbursed for the cost of the birth certificate.  This is almost exactly what is in the Voter ID law passed in Pennsylvania, but Democrats fought it tooth and nail.  A proposal like this would empower many Americans and give them access to more and better opportunity to pursue the fullness of their potential as human beings.  At the same time it would make it harder to commit voter fraud.  A win-win for everyone right?

Uh, no.  That isn’t the Democrat position.  It has never even been proposed.  You see, that doesn’t help them.  And that…  is what shows how transparently naked their desire for power is.  If they cared about those they claim are being oppressed, they’d try to help them access the fullness of society that having an ID enables.  Instead, they cry racism to gin up turnout and fundraising among gullible white liberals, while at the same time fight to stop any attempts to restrict voter fraud.  Now, I am not saying that this means that this is because the Democrats have a master plan to commit fraud in the coming election.  Okay, I do believe that.  But, it is not something I can prove, so I am not going to make that accusation as fact.   However, I do believe that they want to make sure that the ID-less can still come out to pull the lever for Democrats.  As far as they are concerned it’s the votes that matter.  As long they can get you to the polls to vote for them, they don’t give a flying leap whether when you are done you still don’t have access to all that America has to offer.  Once you vote, they wipe their hands with you.   And this reveals the ultimate truth about their party.  It isn’t Republicans who believe in a F*ck the poor philosophy.  It is the Democrats.

It seems so obvious to me that we as a society must think anew about how to help people help themselves without destroying the family and creating a culture of dependency.  However, we know that will never happen.  The Democrats would never allow anything like that to become law.  They need to maintain their hegemony as the party of “compassion” and dole out the goodies to “their” people.  Yes, the Democrats and the left are the party of the poor and the downtrodden. At least, as long as they remain poor, stay inside the Matrix and keep cashing the checks while voting D come November.

Ask yourself whether the current system of antipoverty efforts is working.  If not, ask who stands in the way of even one single thing being done to change it.    Think about it.  Barack Obama was a community organizer.  He’s seen how bad things can be for people on the south side of Chicago.  As I write this, it is suffering through a ghastly period of gang violence and the needless deaths of little innocent children.  Yet, can you name one major new policy that Obama has developed and proposed to fix this problem derived from his years of experience?  I can’t.  I know that he has sent more Obama bucks into the community and I know that he has waived the work requirement for welfare, thus gutting the most successful reform in the program’s history.  The sad reality is that Barry O and his Democrat allies like the status-quo just the way it is.  That’s why they propose nothing new.  Certainly, nothing that will help anyone in the community.  Because keeping the poor of America on the plantation and voting for Democrats in order to keep the Trillion dollar gravy train going is the key to their electoral success.

In the end, who really cares more?  Those who seem to believe that the only solution to poverty and lack of proper education is to throw even more money on systems and programs that have demonstrably failed or those who want to try a different approach?  At what point, do we admit that fifty years of redistributive spending have not only done nothing to help the poor, but have actually hurt them?  Who really cares more about those less fortunate?  Those whose main goal is to give them fish in exchange for votes or those who want each and every one of them to learn how to fish for themselves?  The answer to those questions may very well determine whether we lose not just another generation of the poor, but whether we can survive as a nation at all.


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