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It never ceases to amaze me how progressives believe that they hold the moral high ground when it comes to compassion.  If a conservative argues for a change of the status-quo about how welfare programs are run so that people are not sentenced to lives of dependency, then they are depicted as cruel and heartless.  If conservatives propose to reform the failure that is the public school system in our inner cities, they are accused of hating teachers and attacking the children.  If a conservative dares to mention how liberal programs have failed to help those they were intended to help, they claim that the conservatives were too miserly and not enough money was spent.   Had conservatives been more compassionate and less selfish, those “well intentioned” programs would certainly have worked.  Therefore, the fault is easily transferred to the reformer and not those he seek only the maintenance of failure.  On and on it goes.

However, conservatives should cede to no one the moral high ground.  There is nothing that conservatives want more than for every single American to have the opportunity to achieve his/her full potential in life.  Very few people take joy in or are indifferent to other people’s suffering.  It should be no surprise to anyone, that most Americans want everybody to have the chance to live in a society where the schools we send our children to are excellent and a prosperous economy assures them a job and a career when they graduate.  The difference conservatives have with progressives is that we don’t believe that it matters a hill of beans how good your intentions are.  The only thing that matters is results.

Therefore, it bothers us greatly that, for the sake of partisan advantage, the Democrat party has chosen to create a vast vote buying and money generating machine that serves their own partisan interest rather than promote policies that would actually help those in need.  While this is a serious charge that will offend many on the left, it is absolutely backed by the facts.  This country has spent almost the entirety of the national debt to fight a war on poverty and poverty is at roughly the same levels it was when we began.  Three generations have been mired in a dependency culture that fosters habits like illegitimacy and a culture of entitlement which perpetuate an endless cycle of poverty and ruined lives.

Therefore, when I see the failure of leftist policies and their impact on the lives of human beings, I conclude that only the willfully blind, the naïve and the craven would wish for the status quo to continue another day.  Since I believe that most of the hierarchy of the Democrat party are neither ostriches nor innocents, I am left to conclude that as long as their vote buying-money generating racket keeps them in power, they don’t give a damn whether lives are destroyed as a consequence.

Results do matter.  Leftist policies have been an abysmal failure and part of the reason is that the politicians who claim they are the most compassionate are actually the most cold blooded and power hungry.  It is bad enough that the governing model of progressives have adversely impacted the lives of the poor, it is worse that it is in the process of bankrupting cities, states and soon the Federal government.  That is not my opinion.  It is mathematics!

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