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The truth is that I can’t think of a single invention or product or innovation of theirs that has benefited mankind or that I or billions others use in our daily lives.  From the US, I can think of electricity, the light bulb, the air conditioner, the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the automatic transmission, the assembly line, the telephone, the cell phone, the cd player, the dvd player, the television, the LCD screen, the Xerox machine, the cat scan, the MRI, Satellite communications, GPS, the very computer that I write this on and almost all the software that makes it useful, as well as medical, chemical and bioscience technologies that are the envy and savior of the world.  I could go on and on.  What have the contributions of the Danes been?  How about Scandinavia or the rest of Europe for that matter?  What did the commies ever give us that was worthwhile? What have the Japanese and Chinese invented and given to the world recently?  What have any of those countries invented in the past one hundred years that you use in your daily life or that makes life more livable for the billions of people on the planet?  Think about it.

As usual, Bill Whittle has this concept that I am trying to express down perfectly:

My point is that when you create a societal climate that encourages people to feel they can think and say whatever they want, allows them to follow their dreams and rewards them handsomely with cash and other rewards, you are also promoting the cause of human civilization.  That is because if there is a need that will enhance the human condition and money to be made fulfilling it, our society is the best in the world in making that a reality.  That is the glory of the combination of freedom and capitalism. Therefore I don’t think there is any doubt that it would be better if the world were more like Texas than like Denmark.  And it would surely be better if it were more like Texas than California or Illinois.  I don’t think that anyone who cares about the facts can deny that.   As conservatives, we hold the moral high ground.  What we believe not only works, but it advances the cause of humanity as a whole.



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