Book 2 | Chapter 1 | Crooks & Thieves | Pg 1

Anyone who has swallowed even a tiny fraction of the “red pill” can see that our country is in trouble.  We are mired in a deep recession, spending trillions of dollars we don’t have and looking at national bankruptcy within a few short years.  Yet, the entire Democrat party, the vast, vast majority of the media and close to half the people in our country still seem to think that not only should we continue down the current road we’ve traveled, but we should speed up the car!  This is the world of the Matrix.   It is the world of unreality.  I am sorry if this offends any of you, but the numbers are the numbers.  Real life examples are real life examples.  Texas and Indiana are clearly better models than California and Illinois any way you want to look at it.  You can spend as many hours as you want massaging the data and manipulating the truth, but if you are honest, you can’t come up with any other conclusion.  Two states using the “blue” model of governance are broke and heading towards bankruptcy and two similar states that use the “red” model are prosperous.  That’s real world evidence not some theory in a book.

With fifty separate state laboratories and the examples of multiple governments from around the world producing data as to what the best balance is between taxes, spending and prosperity, you’d think that it would be obvious to everyone by now that the “blue social model” employed by states like California and Illinois and countries like Greece, France, Italy and Spain is a huge mistake.  The numbers are indisputable.  All of these states and countries are traveling down a path to fiscal ruin.  If they continue, the question isn’t if they’ll go off a fiscal cliff, but when.  It’s just simple mathematics.

Governors like Chris Christie of New Jersey, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and even Andrew Cuomo in New York and Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island have shown that there is another path to a road that follows some semblance of fiscal sanity.  All four of them have seen the fiscal cliffs approaching and steered their  states away from the unsustainable “blue” model.  Agree or disagree with the choices that those governors have made, they all deserve credit for at least facing the unpleasant reality that their states can no longer spend money they don’t have.

Yet, the federal government faces an even worse fiscal cliff approaching than do the states and our political leaders have done absolutely nothing about it.  In fact, it seems that there isn’t even the slightest sense of urgency among far too many of them.  It’s not like one can dismiss the numbers.  I”ll  demonstrate in later chapters that the data shows definitively that we face a fiscal calamity if we don’t change course and soon.  Therefore, it  seems to defy all logic and reason that those who rule in Washington and pontificate from their elite media towers could be so completely oblivious to this reality.   Yet, as far as I can tell, Democrats and their media allies would prefer to live in their made up little fantasy world where everything is peaches and cream despite all evidence to the contrary.  Whether they know the numbers, but choose to ignore them for political gain or whether they just put their heads in the sand and pretend they don’t even exist, their inaction is only going to make the day of reckoning that much more difficult.

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