Book 2 | Chapter 1 | Crooks & Thieves | Pg 23

What is happening in our nation’s capital has the potential to end the country as we have always known it.  Sadly, those who are profiting the most from the patronage and corruption will do anything they have to in order to maintain the status quo.  Towards that end, the ruling class of our nation is using the immense power of government and the incredibly persuasive power of propaganda through control of  academia, the news media and the organs of the popular culture to distract people’s attention from what is really going on.

Forget for a moment that the country is facing imminent bankruptcy.  We’ll get to that later.   What we are seeing occurring in Washington is an alliance between the big corporations, Wall Street, the media and the governing class at the expense of individuals and small business.  Every regulation that happens in Washington these days favors large banks over small, big corporations over small businesses and the insiders over the outsiders.  Worse, the Democrats under Barack Obama have realized that they are oh so close to creating their progressive socialist paradise if only they can keep people distracted inside the Matrix long enough to put the final pieces in place.

The left in this country has realized that a new paradigm for a socialist utopia is within reach.  Why bother with those old tired worn out definitions of Socialism whereby the government directly controls the means of production?  It is so much easier and more profitable when you can just regulate everything that moves or doesn’t move for that matter (see the healthcare mandate)  and siphon off a major share of the profits.  Better to “allow” businesses to continue to run the boring mundane things that keep the economy going than get your own hands dirty.  Like a well regulated public utility, granting the titans of business a monopoly from competition will give them just enough incentive to be more productive than the state can ever dream of on its own.  Of course, the favored corporations will never be permitted to forget who is boss and who really controls things.  And the best part?  Just like with the financial crisis, the politicians who pull all the levers of power can easily divorce themselves from blame if anything goes wrong by shifting responsibility for any failures in the economy to the familiar scapegoats of the evil corporations.

Thus, the large corporations, banks and investment houses will still get to make their profits and get bailed out when they screw up.  In return, they’ll do just about anything the governmnet asks them to do.  Quite a deal, eh?  Well, surely for them.  But, not for the rest of us.  We the people are losing our sovereignty over the government.  It no longer serves us. We serve at the will of the Crooks and Thieves.  If this continues, it isn’t going to end well.

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