Book 2 | Chapter 2 | The Ultimate Scam | Pg 1

As maddening as the endemic corruption in Washington between the governing class, labor leaders, Wall Street and Corporate titans, lawyers, lobbyists and a compliant media is, it is not the worst of the crimes being committed against the American people by the Crooks and Thieves.  While this poses a great threat to our liberties and our free enterprise system, it is not what will directly cause the imminent bankruptcy of the United States.  That comes from the ultimate scam ever perpetrated on the American people by its elected representatives.

Imagine, if you will, that the government promises every senior citizen in the country free health care and a government pension check once they reach a certain age regardless of whether they need it or not.  For just a small contribution over the course of your working life, you will be entitled to benefits far in excess of what you originally contributed.  Sounds great, right?  Who could object to that?

Even better, imagine that you were assured that this was the same as an “insurance” program whose sound actuarial principles guaranteed that this funding stream would last forever.  Therefore, everyone entering into the program would be assured equal benefits when it came their time to collect.   Where do I go to sign up, right?  Who is the genius that came up with this?  I’ll vote for him.  Clearly anyone that objects to this is an idiot.

Now, suppose you found out later that you were deliberately lied to and purposely misled.  Supposing that everything you were told about how this program would fund itself was a pile of manure.   What if it turned out that programmed into the very design of the plan was a point of diminishing returns.  Everyone has been promised a check, but there is less and less money available to pay them.  Worse, before long, the funding stream turns upside down.  Now, instead of their being a surplus from which to pay people there is a short fall and imagine that this deficit begins to crowd out every other aspect of government bringing it to the point of insolvency.   Imagine that the politicians told you not to believe your own lying eyes, but that everything was still peachy keen.   What would you say about those politicians then?

Why you’d call them Crooks and Thieves!  You’d say that they were a bunch of con artists like Bernie Madoff.  You might even get out the tar and feathers or propose reinstituting the stocks so that you could pelt then with rotten vegetables in the public square.  Supposing that this is actually happening right now.  Supposing that this scam is about to cause a financial catastrophe in this country worse than the collapse that caused the Great Recession.  Well, I am sad to tell you, it is happening as you read this.  It is the greatest generational swindle in history.  Those entering the workforce today and paying everyone’s checks don’t stand a prayer of receiving one themselves.

The party that proposed this dishonest scheme is hoping that you are all too dumb, gullible or greedy for your check that you will ignore the truth and allow them to keep scamming you with their lies.  They are hoping that their evasions and deceptions will keep you all comfortable and content within the Matrix and they’ll try to scare you away from taking the “red pill” with tall tales about granny being thrown off a cliff.  They hope they can pull the wool over your eyes long enough that they can just kick the can down the road for a few more elections until the day of reckoning finally arrives.   Welcome to the Democrat party of 2012!

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