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It isn’t my contention that the media should be without bias.   Fox news certainly isn’t.  I do think, though, that when the head actuaries of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security put out  reports that say that these programs are going bankrupt and are unsustainable, that the only question anyone on either side of the media should be asking, is how do we fix them.  As long as the media allows the Democrats to get away with spinning the tale that all is well and that the GOP reform proposals just show how mean and heartless they are, we are verily and truly screwed as a country.  Considering the gravity of our fiscal situation, I think what the Crooks and Thieves in the Democratic Party and their shills in the media are doing is truly unconscionable.

I don’t think I can say it any better than this:

Now, you and I are not politicians and we don’t have to get elected next year.  Can there be any doubt that we are headed for a fiscal trainwreck? Is there any doubt the Crooks and Thieves and their enablers in the media have been bamboozling us for years?

If anyone does honest research and looks at the fiscal numbers and projections that come directly from government documents, they will find that California is broke, NY is broke, NJ is near broke, IL is totally broke.  Japan, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy and soon France and Belgium and eventually the rest of the countries of Europe are broke.  It’s just a matter of time.  You can kick the can down the road only so long before the day of reckoning comes as it is coming shortly to California, Illinois and the European Union.

If, enough of the American people are willing to swallow the red pill and finally wake up to the fact that we have reached a moment of fiscal crisis as a result of the entitlement state, then perhaps they will begin to accept what I believe to be an indisputable fact.  We have been lied to and deceived by Crooks and Thieves all of our lives. The real inconvenient truth is that the Social Welfare state model is inherently flawed.  It is unsustainable over the long term.

The left in this country will do everything in their power to prevent people from knowing the real truth that we all face.  They will call books like this “extremist” hate tracts and try to scare everyone into believing that my sole purpose in writing this book is that I am a racist who hates old people.  They will try to say that if, indeed, there is a problem, then the only way to solve it is to find some kind of “moderate” compromise.  Well, that might be true if the goal was to hit a hundred and the Democrats offered fifty and the Republicans counter-offered one hundred and fifty.  But, when one of the sides starts off the conversation offering zero and screaming that the other side are all a bunch of mean spirited scrooges, then there is no “moderate” solution to this crisis.  As we shall see in ”Broke“, the Democrats aren’t even willing to come to the table to have a meaningful discussion.  Unfortunately, given the current decision of the Democrat party that we should not only not change course, but step on the gas,  we are going to have to veer sharply in one direction in order to fix the problem.   In this case, to paraphrase Barry Goldwater, extremism is the quest for fiscal solvency and sustainability is no vice!


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