Red Pill Introduction

Have you ever seen or read something that expressed an idea or concept so well that any other attempt to tackle that subject would pale in comparison?  In doing the research for writing this book, I came across many such instances of brilliance.  Rather than offer my own less eloquent versions of these transcendent thoughts, I decided to incorporate them into my writing instead.  I think you will find that this new approach makes Choosing The Red PIll  a novel new form of communication.  Within these pages,  I present to you an entirely different reading experience than you may be used to.  The books in this quadrilogy  feature the use of many fantastic video clips from the evolving new digital universe and introduces them within the traditional format of the written word.

Armed with some of the greatest thoughts and insights available in the realm of cyberspace, Choosing The Red Pill is a direct response to and refutation of the disturbing nexus that has been formed by our politicians, the news media, the popular culture and members of academe.  By working towards a common political purpose, these influential gatekeepers of our society have combined to create an all encompassing propaganda machine that I call the Matrix.

This dominance of the means of communication is being used to seize control of the political narrative in our nation and to paint an distorted vision of reality that serves the ideological, financial and hegemonic interests of this elitist cabal.  Choosing The Red Pill exposes how the ruling class in America is manipulating their control of government to use your tax dollars to create huge money making and vote buying rackets that empower and enrich them, but that are also bankrupting the country and hurting the very people they are claiming to help.  Inside the pages of these books it will be revealed how the elite is using the Matrix to lull the population with meaningless distractions and shiny objects filled with empty intellectual calories while they fundamentally transform American society.   By choosing the red pill, you will learn how government regulation is being used as the new form of behavior modification and control and how it is now the left’s preferred way of instituting Socialism in the United States by stealth.

Choosing The Red Pill will explain how you are being lied to and why.  Inside these books, you will find the real truth behind our deficits and exploding national debt and how close our nation is to driving right off the fiscal cliff into bankruptcy.  In fact, so dangerous is the situation that we find ourselves in that I have decided to offer this Quadrilogy for free so that everyone who wants to select the red pill and find out about what is really happening in our country can do so.

If you find what you like within the pages of this book enlightening and useful, please click the donate button so that I might feed my family and produce more work like this in the future.  From five cents to five million dollars, any donation would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you decide to swallow the red pill and find out the truth that the ruling class is trying to hide from you, so that we might wake up to the reality that is Obama’s America before it’s too late.

Alan Charles Itzkoff


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