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We are ALREADY $16 Trillion in debt, but to actually look at the numbers, and please do, is absolutely scary…

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time as of 9/16/12

Read it all.  From start to finish.  Grapple with the reality of these numbers.  I have for twenty five years and it is mind blowingly frightening.  We are going broke.   The reality of our situation is undeniable.  This problem cannot even be dented on the revenue side no matter how many rich bastards you tax.   So, let’s face the real facts of this debate shall we?  We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  As long as spending levels are above 20-21% of GDP, there is no way that we are going to avoid bankrupting the nation and destroying the future of our kids and grandkids:

The Social Welfare State that the progressives have foisted on us for the better part of the last century is a failure. It is not just true in the US, but in Europe too, as we are seeing on a daily basis.   It is unsustainable and must replaced by something that is more in tune with fiscal reality.  It is high time that Democrats, Leftists and Progressives finally admit that Communism was a failure, Socialism is a failure and the Progressive entitlement states of the US and Europe are a failure.  Let’s finally move on past the demagoguery and have an honest debate about what we do to save our future and create a prosperous America for our kids and grandkids once again.



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