Book 3 | Chapter 2 | Annienomics: The Story Of Luddites | Pg 1

Even though I have personally come to the conclusion that free markets and free individuals can do a much better job creating prosperity than the Crooks and Thieves in government,  I do understand that well meaning leftists, even those who claim to believe in the capitalist system, actually have faith that the opposite is true.   They think that government spends money more wisely than the American people do:

As you can see, journalist wunderkind and uber-leftist Ezra Klein thinks that “intelligent” people like the Federal Reserve can move money around more “fairly” and wisely than individual investors.  Rick Santelli is quick to point out that despite his supposed “brilliance”,  Klein doesn’t know what the bleep he’s talking about.   Most people, particularly investors, are under no illusions about how “well” or “wisely” government bureaucrats spend their tax dollars.

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