Book 4 | Chapter 1 | Bad Nanny | Pg 1

Could you have every have believed that one day you would wake up in an America in which the busy bodies, the safety nazis and the control freaks would so dominate American life and all levels of our bureaucratic state that kids would be forced to shut down their lemonade stands because they weren’t in compliance with government regulations and mandates?  Yet in 21st Century America, it would seem that we can’t even let our children explore their entrepreneurial itch without them understanding that their first and primary responsibility in life is to ask Nanny Government for her blessing.  It would seem that in this new reality, children should learn that the most important thing they need to learn about business isn’t how to provide the best product for a great price, but that nothing in this whole wide world can be done or accomplished unless it is first sanctioned, approved, regulated and taxed by the all powerful state.  Nanny is watching you!  Is that really what we are trying to teach our kids?  Is that really what America is all about?

Have we become a people so in need of government to protect us and keep us safe that we are willing to throw away our most basic freedoms?   To a conservative or libertarian, there is no doubt that this is sadly the current reality.  Today there is no aspect of our lives that government doesn’t wish to regulate and control.   This is the exact opposite of the intent of the Founders.  The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written expressly to limit the government’s power into the affairs of men and women so that we would be free to live as we choose:

Having said that, there is no question that the government was also set up and empowered to regulate and pass laws within those  jurisdictions given to it by the Founders.  No one would deny that.  Our Founding documents set up a government that would oversee and maintain the necessary frameworks of a civil society in order to allow people to interact fairly and smoothly with each other.  The battle that rages between progressives and libertarians/conservatives is over exactly what roles and functions the government may have in our lives and how many of our God given rights can be abrogated by the caprices of the Crooks and Thieves who predominate in our government.

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