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Look, let’s be honest.  The bottom line is that there are a lot of people who look to government to solve every problem that they have.  They want free health care, free rent, free food, a free car and freedom from being offended.  It would seem that today the number of people who want to “modify” the behavior of their fellow citizens has surpassed those of us who understand that a government powerful enough to free us from all of our problems is one we’ve given sanction to become powerful enough to take all our freedoms away.

You can see this process in action everywhere in our country today.  Now, that they are in the majority in many “progressive” cities, the busy bodies and control freaks can find plenty of Crooks and Thieves in government to do their bidding.  Just look at Nanny Bloomberg in New York City and the effort to ban smoking everywhere, ban transfats, large sodas and even talk about banning salt from the table.  These extremists have gone past the point of sin taxing to outright prohibition.  Note, they don’t propose that people be educated and then left free to make their own informed decisions.  Oh, no!  We can’t have that.  They might make the “wrong” one.  Therefore, they propose the banning of any behavior they don’t approve of.  Their solution to problems of health is to take away your freedom to choose.

It’s all for the public good they’ll tell you.  After all, what “reasonable” person can argue with that?  Note that if you disagree with their argument, you are the one who is unreasonable.  It’s another one of their famous heads I win, tails you lose arguments.  But, it is not people like me who are being unreasonable.  In reality, it is people like this idiot, Carl Kruger in NY:

This moron and convicted criminal wants to ban anyone from crossing a street with an ipod or music player?  Now, I know many people are incapable of walking and chewing gum at the same time and I know that texting while walking can create hazards for yourself and others:

After we are all done laughing hysterically at this woman (did you know the guys who are commenting on the video in the security room all got fired for their “insensitivity”?), the evidence is pretty obvious from looking at this video that there can be no doubt that texting and driving should be illegal.  I might even listen to a case for banning texting and walking on public streets too.  Clearly, someone engaging in this activity is not just a danger to themselves, but most critically they are a danger to others and that alone puts their behavior under the authority of the state.  But iPods?  Crossing the street?  Are you freaking serious?  Didn’t mommy ever tell them to look both ways before they cross?  Using that same logic, shouldn’t we then ban deaf people from crossing the street?  Don’t even get me started applying Sen. Kruger’s logic to blind people.  At what point does Senator Kruger think that people stop becoming responsible for their own behavior?  It’s an important question that we need to ask and address and soon if we are to save our liberty from idiots and safety nazis like him.

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