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If the Crooks and Theives in government enjoy regulating your personal behavior, they are absolutely giddy when it comes to regulating business.   When I was living in NJ a few years back, I knew a woman who worked in a beauty salon as a shampoo girl.  She explained to me that her job was in jeopardy because the state passed a new law requiring her to have a license.  To shampoo hair?  That’s ridiculous, I thought.  What do you need to do in order get such a permit, I asked.   She told me that she had to go to hundreds of hours of classes, pass a test and pay a huge fee. To shampoo hair?  Really?  I can understand the need for people who do perms and coloring and  to pass an exam before they can use dangerous chemicals on someone else’s head, but I’ve never heard of someone being hurt having their hair shampooed and conditioned.  The whole thing seemed stupid to me, but then this was government we were talking about, so I shouldn’t have been too surprised.  Stupid is as stupid does.

Unfortunately, my friend isn’t alone in her situation.  It turns out that today, seemingly everything must be licensed:

Is it really possible that it has been deemed necessary by the busybodies in government that we go from one in twenty occupations where a license was required to one in three?  How crazy is that?  Is it possible that hair braiders and shampoo girls are such a threat to the public safety that they need to be licensed?  Give me a break~  Well, if you thought those stories were crazy examples of government control taken to the point of absurdity,  check this out:


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