Book 4 | Chapter 4 | Shooting Ourselves | Pg 15

Is this war on coal waged to “heal the planet” worth the cost in money and jobs at a time of recession to someone who is unemployed or about to become unemployed because of these rules?  Is the science so sound that the minor improvements in world greenhouse emissions is worth the cost to our economy?  Do the American people really want to sacrifice billions of dollars in higher electricity prices?  All of these are great questions and worthy of a national debate and a Congressional vote.  But, long ago, we the people abrogated our rights to decide our own future and gave that power to unelected bureaucrats like those in the EPA.

The left in this country understood early on that if they could enact sweeping legislation with great sounding and humanitarian titles that they could enact their agenda without having to risk the involvement of pesky and uneducated citizenry who would be more concerned about their “small” picture economic concerns than the grand visions of their betters.  Thus, we got the Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act among many others.  After all, who but the meanest and most uncaring cad would argue against clean air, furry little critters and handicapped people?  With a compliant media on their side, those who objected to the size, cost and scope of the power that was being taken from the legislative branch and the people and given to individual agencies to decide as they saw fit were scorned and derided as corporate tools, alarmists and troglodytes.

Today, after the passage of these acts, immense power to change virtually every facet of  our lives has been granted to unelected bureaucrats whose bias in favor of their agenda is clear.  After all, who would go to work for the EPA unless environmental concerns were at the forefront of your priority list?  As we speak, the main priority of the environmental movement is to curb the greenhouse gasses that they believe are causing the earth to warm.  They claim that they are only enacting policy based upon the irrefutable science that says that man made CO2 is causing a dangerous global warming that threatens us all.  Who can argue with science they say.  But, it is really science?


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