Book 4 | Chapter 6 | Inherit The Wind | Pg 49

I’d like to take the full credit for this idea, but I am clearly not the only one that has thought of this.  This is an idea whose time has come!  But, this is something that the left just won’t ever propose or allow.  They will gripe and moan about the dangers of nuclear.  They’ll scare us all they can about the horrors of drilling and oil spills.  They’ll be fit to be tied.  Because, as I said, the ugly truth is that while they say that they care so much, have only the bestest of intentions and they really, really do want to save the planet, the only way they’ll actually do something about it is if they get to do it their way with someone else’s money.   The only AGW fighting plan that they are willing to endorse is one that leads to more government control and a path to global governance.

As a result, President Obama’s plan is predictably the opposite of the one I just suggested.  My plan is based on a realistic assessment of current technologies, current economic conditions and currently available sources of funding.  Mine reads more like a business plan.  Obama’s reads more like the kind of Marxist garbage he learned at Columbia and Harvard.   In truth, it completely mystifies me how anyone who claims to believe that CO2 from burning fossil fuels is going drastically alter the climate can buy into the Obama plan.

Because, I’ll tell you what I really believe deep down.  This whole global warming business is a sham and a hoax for all of the scientific reasons I have outlined so far.  There just isn’t nearly enough evidence to bet the farm on.  All the hype, all the hysteria and brow beating is just an excuse for Crooks and Thieves on the left to seize as much power over other people’s lives as they can so they can mold us all into perfect politically correct robots.  Global Warming is their vehicle to create the ultimate leftist utopia.  The proof of this is that none of their proposed solutions solve the problem or are even financially doable.  Instead, every proposal they make hurts capitalism,  promotes the idea of the sharing of scarcity and fosters the creation of world governance.

Look at the results so far,  Barry, Nancy and Harry spent billions and billions on their political benefactors in crony capitalist endeavors with companies like Solyndra, Evergreen, Fisker, Sunpower, Government Motors and GE.  Did we get any shiny new windmill farms or solar plants as a result?  No, but we did get a whole bunch of bankrupt companies who wined and dined on taxpayer dollars till the jig was up.  Did you have your home weatherized?  Do you know of anyone who did?  Well hundreds of millions of your dollars went down the tubes for that too.  Do you own an electric car, want one or know someone who has one?  Of course not, nor will you.  Yet, we are subsidizing the Chevy Volt to the tune of 250k per car and we sent a half a billion dollars to Fisker in Finland and they have yet to produce one.  So far, the results of the Democrat energy and “green jobs” initiatives are higher gasoline prices, higher electricity prices, a diminished GDP and a bunch of bankrupt companies and useless electric cars.

But that’s just phase one of Barry’s excellent adventure.  Get ready for the Bamster and his colorful sidekick Lisa at the EPA to go with phase two.  Prepare yourself for Obama’s carbon caps and watch the glorious trajectory of your electric bill as it suddenly skyrockets.  Watch us repeat the experience of Spain as our economy tanks, unemployment reaches twenty percent and we need the IMF to bail us out of our debt crisis.  Honestly, do you really think this is a viable way to create a “clean” energy future?  Face it, unless we stop Barry from continuing to promote an energy policy based on myths, fictions and the same kind of Annienomics that brought you his stimulus, we won’t have a future filled with clean solar plants and windmills.  Instead of curing the planet of its fever, we will bankrupt our country and inherit the wind.

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