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When it comes to political philosophy, I have had three of what I like to call “red pill moments” in my life. These events crystallized various long held, but seemingly unrelated thoughts and ideas, into the famous aha! feeling where I instantly had a transcendent insight.  The first of these moments came during the presidential campaign of 1980. Listening to Ronald Reagan speak about the nature of freedom and what it means to be an American enabled me to understand the concept of American Exceptionalism for the first time. It became clear to me that the Founder’s vision of a self-governing people constitutionally protected from tyranny and enabled by a civil society was the ultimate vehicle for human progress. Therefore, it was essential that we conserve and exalt the paramount truth of our time.  We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights and this recognition is essential if we are to push the boundaries of human potential and progress.

The second red pill moment occurred during the mid-Eighties when I began to read the writings of Irwin Schiff and Ben Wattenberg.  Understanding that the inexorable force of demographics rendered the entitlement state unsustainable over the long term, was an eye opening experience for me.  Doing simple arithmetic was all it took to realize that the Crooks and Thieves had set us on a road that led to economic decline and eventual bankruptcy.  Reading the insights of these two men, it became clear that as more and more taxes were taken from the economy to pay for old age entitlements, this wealth transfer would crowd out the seed capital needed to start the new businesses and industry that would keep the economy flourishing.  After all, without capital, capitalism cannot function.  When higher taxes were added to the ever increasing burden of the regulatory state,  existing American business would not be able to compete with lower cost countries in a global economy diminishing our ability to pay for the promises of dishonest politicians.  Thus, I began a twenty-five year effort to try to warn my fellow Americans about the inevitable reckoning to come.

The third red pill moment occurred just after President Obama was elected when I finally decided to read Ayn Rand’s seminal novel:  Atlas Shrugged.  I must admit that I was blown away by Ms. Rand’s prescience.  Just about everything she described in her book is happening in America today.  The same attempts by the government to dominate the economy are being tried and the same arguments are being used as justification.  The similarities are eerie.  Upon reading that book, I had a true awakening about the true intentions of the left and how quickly they were accelerating the end of American Exceptionalism and the day of reckoning for the economy of our country.

Shortly thereafter, I received an e-mail from my buddy “Fred”.  As I related earlier, it was mostly because of that e-mail “Fred” sent me that I came to write this book.  ”Fred” and I started our  “conversation” because he said that Ayn Rand was “nuts” and that Paul Ryan was a suspect character because he is a Rand acolyte.  At first, I attempted to explain to my friend that while Ryan was influenced by Rand, that was far preferable to our President and Hillary Clinton who were influenced by Saul Alinksy.  Since “Fred” always claims to be an Independent “moderate” type unaligned with either party, I told him  that he was being hypocritical because he had a particular animus against Ryan because of Rand, but not a similar one against Obama because of Alinsky.  Paul Ryan may have told his staffers to read Atlas Shrugged, but Obama actually taught Alinksy propaganda to young skulls full of mush:

I tried to make the case to “Fred” that following Rand’s libertarian philosophy of individual freedom and self-determination might not be his perfect ideal, but it was far preferable to following the Alinsky path.  I let him know that the left’s economic and political philosophy is always about taking away the freedom of the individual for the “collective” good.  Whether you think that’s good or bad, it does have ramifications and one of the most important of those consequences is that the government will force you to do as your told, or else! It is the history of their philosophy from the extremes of communism to the “innocuous” PC culture of the college campus. Free speech, dissent and individual thought will not be tolerated.  The path of the left is the way of the heavy hand of government.

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