Book 1 | Chapter 2 | Dumb: Stupid Is As Stupid Does | Pg 1

I see you’ve decided to swallow the red pill.   I must warn you that it may be a rude awakening for many of you.  After all, you’ve been stuck in the left-wing Matrix version of reality for most of your lives.  You will find that many of the things that you’ve been told simply aren’t true and many things that you need to know have been intentionally withheld from you.   This has all been done for a purpose.   It serves those who run the Matrix media machine for you to remain in a world of unreality and ignorance.  If too many Americans swallow the red pill, they might realize how badly they’ve been swindled and how close the nation is to fiscal disaster.  This must not be allowed to happen!

Thus, the left will do whatever it takes to keep you happy, content and, above all, ignorant inside a Matrix created by their dominance of the press, academia and the popular culture.   Because the data and the facts are against them, reality must be manipulated to marginalize, eliminate and/or co-opt those who would wake you up from the fantasy world they try to spin for you. This is why liberals have such a virulent hatred for Fox News, talk radio and the internet.  As far as these paragons of “tolerance” and “free expression” are concerned, these uncontrollable rogue purveyors of red pills must be silenced.  That’s  why Democrats are constantly trying to promote the reinstitution of the Fairness Doctrine  (known as the hush Rush law)  and the imposition of the Net Neutrality act.

For those on the left, truth is relative.  Therefore, the American people should only be allowed to hear “truth” only as filtered through those “respectable” members of the media elite that progressives have selected.  Is it any surprise that the failure of fifty years of Democrat programs to combat poverty, improve education and the extent to which these and other entitlements are bankrupting our nation are rarely ever mentioned by these talking heads?  That a little tiny kernel of truth is actually allowed to filter through the screen is only so as not to disturb the illusion of reality the spinmeisters are trying to weave.  Towards that end, no fact or issue in which the weight of the evidence is against the liberal narrative is allowed to be given the kind of prominence in the national conversation that their gravity and seriousness demand.  These “trivialities” are simply glossed over or ignored by a media that is no longer an arbiter of truth and balance, but now act as an adjunct and stenographer of the Democrat party in particular and leftist ideals in general.

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