Book 1 | Chapter 2 | Dumb: Stupid Is As Stupid Does | Pg 38

And that leaves us with this challenge to all of you progressives out there who still live in the Matrix.  You claim that we conservatives are dumb, stupid,  idiots, morons, rednecks and hicks.  Yet, you still follow a political philosophy that when given its full measure of power produces California and Illinois,  Detroit,  Cleveland, Camden and Washington DC.  It produces Greece, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain.  At its best, in homogenous and orderly societies like Denmark and Sweden, it produces an economy that treads water and has produced not a single major technological advance in our lifetimes.  No computers, no TV, no refrigerators, nothing that has moved human civilization further down the evolutionary path.

Yet despite the fiscal insolvency of California and Illinois, you keep voting for the same broken policies to continue and the same politicians who brought on the bankruptcy.  Despite the fact that we have hewn to the teachers unions demands and kept them in charge of our public schools, despite the fact that we have doubled spending in inflation adjusted dollars, test scores remain the same, yet you propose we continue to do more of the same. Despite trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty, three generations mired in dependence you reject any change and ask for more of the same. Despite the clear reality that Europe’s debt crisis is the result of sovereign debt and unsustainable spending by the entitlement state ponzi schemes, you reject any change in our entitlements and want to continue more of the same.  Just raise taxes on the rich!  As if that is going to make a dime’s worth of difference. Literally.  And you call us conservatives dumb?  Well Stupid is as stupid does, Forrest Gump always said.


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