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Why are conservatives so mean?  For that matter why do they gather in tea parties and demonstrate by the hundreds of thousands against our nice African-American President? They must be racists!   At least that’s the meme Democrats and most of the news media would like you to believe.  Indeed, for the past four years whenever anyone has raised a policy objection to something President Obama proposed it seemed guaranteed that all the talking heads over at MSNBC and CNN would somehow manage to bring race into the discussion.  Why, you can’t go an entire day on either of those networks without someone claiming that the only reason anyone could possibly oppose the One is because of his skin color.  Isn’t it reasonable then for the average person to assume that if so many smart and attractive people like these media talking heads keep repeating the conservatives are racists mantra so often, it must be true?

If all you watched was CBS/NBC/ABC/CNN/PBS and MSNBC, this meme might be the only thing you know about conservatives and why they believe what they do.  But, think about this…  If opposition to President Obama is based on bigotry, then a clear majority of Americans are obviously racist extremists.  After all, in the last election they voted out key Obama ally Nancy Pelosi and placed that evil John Boehner in charge of the House of Representatives.  The same country that elected its first black President just four years ago has voted against him and his party in every major election since.  But, if we as a nation were somehow not racist in 2008 when we elected Obama, then it seems that we have suddenly regressed back into our old habits of institutional bigotry and oppression in just a few short years.  Or is it possible that the more the American people find out what President Hope ‘n Change’s policies really are, they  don’t like them all that much?   Nah, that can’t be it.  Conservatives are just mean and racists to boot and they have hoodwinked the rest of America into supporting their anti-minority biases.  At least that’s the prevailing spin coming at us daily from the talking heads of the media elite.  After all, they reason, it really couldn’t be policy differences because to have a disagreement on principle that requires some serious thinking and we all know that can’t be true because those same wizards of smart in the lamestream media also inform us that conservatives are dumb too.  Like that idiot Bush, and Reagan, and Palin, and Perry and Bachmann and well just about everyone in the Republican party.  They are all either mean or stupid.

Well, if all this opposition to President Obama and his policies isn’t an honest disagreement about philosophy, then conservatives just plain suck right?

All kidding aside, the thing that I find most disturbing about the myths that the left use to portray conservatives is that it shows how little they really understand us.  You know, we conservatives know what we believe and we are pretty darn sure we know what progressives believe (even if they are rarely willing to come out and tell everyone the truth).  However, it is simply amazing the number of people who know that conservatives suck, but at the same time, have no idea what American Exceptionalism is and why it is so important to everything that the movement stands for.   American what?  Exactly!

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