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From financing “green” energy boondoggles as part of the stimulus program to the EPA’s war on coal power plants, the Obama administration has fully and completely invested itself in the theory of man-caused global warming.  Whether this is because they are actually convinced about the underlying science or whether this is just another excuse for further ratcheting up government’s control over the economy, or parts of both, we’ll probably never know.   As we have discussed in preceding chapters, the desire to regulate and the resulting political and economic benefits of increasing the state’s power that accrues for the Crooks and Thieves in Washington is reason enough for them to go for it with both guns blazing.   Controlling everyone’s health care might be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but controlling energy?  That’s absolute nirvana!

However, in order to pull off this greatest of taxpayer swindles, the Crooks and Thieves need to justify their schemes and sell the public on the need to seize their property and abrogate their rights.  Accomplishing that goal for the left is the raison d’être of the Matrix.  With the media shilling for them, the sales pitch doesn’t even need to be based on reality.  Thus,  the rationale for health care was to cover the uninsured while still lowering the cost of care for everyone despite the fact that it will do neither.  The rationale behind the regulation of the financial industries is to save the country from another financial collapse and bailout even though the law favors large institutions and enshrines the concept of too big to fail which will make the next meltdown even worse.  But, why should the left worry about the truth when the power that comes from regulating health care, financial services and the energy sector will lead to power and riches for themselves and their friends beyond even their most corrupt fantasies?

Thus, it is with global warming.  Regardless of whether they believe in the science or not, being able to regulate all forms of energy, transportation and manufacturing production in the United States is former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s wet dream come true.  It enables Chicago Style pay to play politics on a mind blowingly massive scale. We are not talking millions, even billions, but trillions of dollars a year to be managed, controlled and exploited by the Crooks and Thieves in Washington.  Better yet, the storyline that they and their media allies have created to sell this takeover to the American public casts them as the good guys out to save the planet and casts their enemies as mean, evil, greedy troglodytes who hate mother nature.  So mean and evil that this is how we should deal with them:

So successful has the left been world wide in marginalizing anyone who opposes them, that the green group that made the video above has no qualms about blowing up any of the sad misguided people who dare to disagree with them.  Man caused global warming skeptics aren’t just wrong, you see.  They are evil and must be killed.  After all, the planet must be saved.  There is a scientific consensus, they proclaim!  The science is settled!  Therefore, anyone who disagrees with them must be backwards anti-intellectuals who are too stupid or too greedy to see reason and accept what they spin as scientific fact.

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